Around The World brings you closest to traveling whenever, wherever, without you having to pack a single bag. Erik shows you the world in 360 degree videos, while sharing information about all there is to see around you. Whether these are famous landmarks, beautiful hotels, remote villages, mesmerising nature, different ways of transportation, he lets you experience exactly what it is to travel the world by immersive infotainment 360 videos.


My name is Erik and I love to create content that moves people. After studying music and sound design at the Utrecht School of Arts, I started the company House of Halo together with Eline. We made a joke on the internet (Happy by Pharrell Williams #WITHOUTMUSIC) that went viral and it all went very fast since then. House of Halo developed to a company that produces creative, entertaining and informative audiovisuals for online use and runs several YouTube channels on which we upload videos weekly. I even became a YouTube ambassador for my country of origin, The Netherlands. In this role I host events and workshops together with YouTube for the Dutch YouTube community, in order to share knowledge and inspiration amongst creators. My biggest inspiration for all this creativity comes from traveling, and that’s why I started Around The World. Now, I’m able to share my travels on YouTube and by filming in 360 degrees I can make you part of it as if you are right there next to me. So subscribe, hop on, and enjoy the trip!


Get your 360 video tour!

Let me create your 360 Video Tour! There isn’t a better way to experience a destination without actually being there, than a 360 video! A 360 video fully emerges you into a space. You can freely look around, notice all movements and hear the sounds that surround you. There’s even a wonderful voice over, that tells you all about there is to see. Just sit back and let it all come to you. 


I record top notch informative 360 videos in a stunning 8K resolution which not only makes the image looks crystal clear, but also makes you well prepared for the future of 360 video. 


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Get your 360 photo tour!

Let me create your custom 360 Photo Tour! With wonderful high quality (8K!) 360 pictures in which you click from one place to another, your tour will provide website visitors a real life tour from a distance. Additional information or links can be provided by info cards. Even a voice over can guide you though the pictures and tell you all you need to know about your surrounding while you take a look around! Your website has never been more fun and inviting, whilst being so informative.  


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ps. Did you know that with the Photo Tour, you can get a discount on your own 360 video tour? It already starts from 10 pictures and up!  



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